The most trusted brand of 2022

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The most trusted brand of 2022 in the category


ATOZ Marketing Services decided to launch a program that, based on an extensive consumer survey, will select and award the brands that Slovak consumers trust the most. The research of the Trusted Brands marketing program is evaluated by the NielsenIQ agency based on the evaluation of Slovak respondents . At the end of 2022, a representative sample of 2,000 Slovak consumers evaluated more than 650 of the strongest brands in 74 categories. Individual contestants were not nominated for the Most Trusted Brand 2022 marketing program, but the top 10 strongest brands were automatically included in selected categories.

Based on the evaluation of the respondents, we won the Most Trusted brand award in the category FIREPLACE AND FIREPLACE STOVES for the year 2022.

Thank you to all reviewers, we appreciate your trust. We are very pleased that our customers appreciate our constant development and improvement of the quality of the products we offer. The received award is a great challenge for us to not disappoint the trust of our customers and to continue our constant progress .



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