Stove and fireplace DYNAMIC

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More and more, stoves are seen not only as a source of heat, but also as an attractive addition to the home. In cooperation with Slovak designers akad. soch. René Baďura a doc. Mgr. art. Marián Ihring, ArtD. we have created a fireplace stove in a unique design.



The dominant element is the round doors which are not commonly used on fireplace stoves or inserts. The connection to the external air inlet and flue with a diameter of 150 mm are hidden in the inclined cylinder.

The product has a gridless fireplace lined with plaster bricks for heat storage. The nominal power is 9 kW and is designed for burning hardwood. The deep firechamber allows you to burn logs up to 50 cm in length.

We have created two basic designs of free-standing fireplace stoves that can be installed in a house or apartment. The basic model is DYNAMIC Steel in black, which has a back connection.

To increase the heat storage capacity, we have overlaid the fireplace with soapstone from Italy. The total weight of DYNAMIC Serpentino is over 280 kg and it is still possible to add accumulation fittings around the flue to increase accumulation.

This fireplace is also produced as a fireplace insert that can be installed and built according to the ideas of the architect and the customer.

You can order these products through our exclusive partner network. You can find their contacts here.

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