External air supply

External air supply for stoves and inserts

The modern houses have better windows than in the past. The tightness of the windows is important to prevent heat leakage from the building, but at the same time prevent fresh air come in. Stoves or fireplace inserts need air to burn wood, briquettes or pellets.

The design and construction of modern appliances have also adapted to this, and the air supply to the fireplace is led through a central channel. In this way, the appliance can be connected to the external air supply via a single inlet – external air supply (EAS).

When choosing new fireplace stoves for low-energy houses, passive houses, but also houses with new windows (plastic, aluminum), it is necessary to take into account the possibility of connection to an external air supply. 

Even in old buildings, we recommend connecting the appliance to an external air supply. This greatly improves comfort in the room, as there is no burning of oxygen that we breathe. Likewise, when you turn on the exhaust in the kitchen or bathroom, the flue gases are not sucked in from the chimney.

On our stoves or inserts, the air inlet has a diameter of 99 mm and is located on the bottom or on the back.

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External air supply (EAS)

The possibility of connection to an external air inlet must be required at the time of building the chimney. Products with EAS are for example ANDORRA, ATIKA, DELIA, FALUN.

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